ServicesSpeech Therapy can help children and adolescents overcome a wide variety of problems. No matter how large or small the issue, from pronunciation of sounds and active listening skills, through to stuttering and social skills development, we are eager to help. Our services are available at our Miranda and Peakhurst clinic, at selected child care centres or in your home, for your convenience.

Early intervention is key

When left untreated, issues faced during childhood can have a lifelong impact. Early intervention is important, so if you are unsure if your child needs help contact us today for a confidential discussion. Click here to view our latest newsletter, it has an interesting article about early identification and treatment of speech disorders.

Our speech therapists have extensive training and can assess and aid children in a fun, and caring environment. This means they enjoy coming to their sessions and outcomes are accelerated. Our team also specialises in helping children with special needs, click here for more information.

Our Speech Therapy services will aid:

Pronunciation of sounds – speech & articulation

This area covers the sounds that we say and how we make the sounds. If children have difficulty moving their lips or tongue correctly they may have trouble pronouncing their sounds clearly. These issues can impact their communication when others have difficulty understanding their speech, and this can be frustrating to the child and even impact their confidence, so it’s good to diagnose early whenever possible.

Active listening skills & following instructions – receptive language

Parents with children experiencing issues with receptive language usually notice a delay in the child’s ability to listen to and interpret information. This can involve a child understanding a variety of vocabulary words, following directions, and understanding verbal and written information. These issues can impact a child’s ability to participate in a classroom or preschool setting and can impede learning, so early intervention is important to minimise the impact on the child.

General communication – expressive language

A delay in expressive language impacts a child’s ability to communicate with others. Expressive language involves the types and amount of words that children know, how they structure their words into sentences, and also how they apply English grammar rules. Difficulties in this area can affect how a child communicates, how well they can express their ideas (verbally and written) and how they interact with their peers. Speech therapy helps children overcome these difficulties.

Auditory processing – auditory processing difficulties

Children with auditory processing difficulties tend to have trouble recognising the subtle differences in words (e.g. the child might hear ‘cold’ instead of ‘told’). This often occurs in the presence of background noise and impacts on the child’s ability to remember information.


Stuttering is a speech disorder characterised by sound, word or sentence repetitions as well as prolongations (e.g. ‘mmmmum’) and blocking (e.g. not being able to produce any kind of sound). Its onset can be gradual or sudden and commonly occurs in children aged 2-5. The best therapy outcomes are achieved when it is treated early through speech therapy.

Reading, writing and spelling

If your child is experiencing difficulties learning how to read, write or spell they may benefit from individualised sessions with one of our speech therapists. Children sometimes experience difficulties knowing the different sounds that letters make, dividing up words into sounds and putting sounds together to form words. We have some interesting and fun ways to work through these issues with children.

Learning difficulties

For parents that have a child falling behind in school it can be confusing and frustrating. It doesn’t need to be. Our speech therapists regularly work with children who have problems learning to read, write and do math. Learning difficulties can vary in severity and have lifelong implications if left untreated. Don’t delay, call our clinic for a confidential discussion. Speech therapy can assist children to overcome these difficulties.

Social skills

If your child has difficulty interacting with others they may benefit from our social skills program. Children who have difficulty in this area will struggle to make friends and tend to play on their own. As adults we recognise there are social rules we automatically follow, but for some children this does not come naturally and they need some help. Speech therapy aims to increase a child’s knowledge and awareness of appropriate social interactions by working with children in groups, matched by their ability and age.

If you are looking for a customised solution to meet the needs of your child and their unique condition please call us on 8544 0500 for a confidential discussion. Alternatively click here and complete the contact us form.