Group of four children working on laptop together

One of the most common questions we are asked in our clinic is whether or not iPads are beneficial to the learning of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

With so many APPs available it can be very confusing for parents to choose the right one. The first advice we offer is that iPads and other forms of technology should never replace parent or peer interactions, or intervention services. Technology offers opportunities for learning but it also has its limitations.

One advantage of iPads and tablets is that they can expose children to new vocabulary. The programs are often highly engaging and iPads are high in portability, which makes them convenient to use.

For more information on choosing appropriate APPs for your child’s learning visit:

It is important that what is being learnt through APPs is transitioned into your child’s everyday environment. For example, if an APP is teaching your child about counting, learning opportunities should be created at home to help these skills generalise into different settings.

Your speech therapist can also assist you in choosing the most beneficial and appropriate APPs for your child.

APPs should be engaging to ensure the child is motivated to use and learn from it. However, children aged 3-5 should not spend more than an hour per day on their iPads.

Please note, while technology is a great additional learning tool, you are still your child’s best teacher!

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